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My 1st Magnetic Fishing Game


Colourful Magnetic fishing game for toddlers that they can play again and again
Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 12 months+

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Magnetic Fishing Fun – a delightful reinvention of the traditional rod & line game specially for toddlers.


Young children will be able to spend hours of fun fishing, without ever getting wet with this magical magnetic fishing game. Toddlers will be thrilled to collect the fish using the magnetic fish catcher learning lots whilst having fun! Packed with features that provide tons of learning opportunities such as colour, shape and number recognition as well as developing physical skills.


The magnetic fish are attracted to the handle and children will need to use both hands to release the fish helping them with physical skill development. Young children can collect and organise fish by size, colour or number. The game board is double-sided and suitable for different age groups. This magnetic fishing game encourages fine motor skills, cognitive skills & hand-eye coordination.


Multiple Ways to Play My First Magnetic Fishing Game:

Fishing – collecting fish from the playboard.
Colours – recognize & name.
Sizes – compare big and small.
Match – by colour, size or pattern.
Count – and recognize numbers.
Pair and sort.


Toddlers can go fishing for the magnetic fish that are scattered on the board. Separating fish from handle will help your child to coordinate use of both hands.


Scatter magnetic fish on the board, ask your little one to find matching fish & collect using the magic fish catcher.

18m+ Colour matching

Place fish on silhouette matching by colour. Collect using the magic fish catcher, name colours.

24m+ Size & pair matching

Match fish to the correct outline on the game board. Catch them in order, from large to small or opposite.

24m+ Naming numbers

Position fish on the board in number order and ask your child to catch using numbers to name the fish.

What our testers said

“Magnet is easy for little hands to grip”  – Play worker

“I caught a fish” – Boy aged 2

What our experts think

This magnetic fishing game is a lovely, simple take on a popular children’s game. The large easy to hold magnet makes it easy for toddlers to take part. Our older testers even enjoyed catching the fish in number order.

This game is great for improving hand eye co ordination and enhancing fine motor skills. It develops colour matching skills. It also builds on number recognition and number ordering.

Skills developed

– Develops number recognition

– Enhances hand eye co ordination

– Promotes colour matching

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