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My First – Fingerprint Set


Design animal pictures with this first fingerpaint set

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 12 months+

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This set contains three colours of finger paint and ten colouring sheets with animals that you can colour in with your fingers. Which animal do you want to colour in? Will you choose the cute bunny or the big bear? You can decorate the white areas on the colouring sheets any way you like.

What our testers said

“My Cat has blue spots” – Girl aged 2

“I made green with the blue and yellow” – Boy aged 4

What our experts think

This first finger painting set uses tubs of hypoallergenic washable paint suitable for babies and toddlers. It includes 10 animal pictures that need completing with finger paint spots and some clear sheets for children to create their own designs. The animal sheets are fun and inviting and encourage young children to have a go. They also offer direction to the less creative children. Our testers enjoyed both carefully applying their finger spots to the pictures and also covering the whole sheet in a mix of colours. Our older testers found it was great for introducing colour mixing with the children as they were only too keen to have a play in the paint! They also found after the art work was created the children extended play so that they were using whole hands to create bigger works of art and generally enjoy the sensory aspect of the paint. Testers said it was a perfect rainy day activity to do with toddlers. This first art set is brilliant for developing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. It encourages creativity and promotes colour recognition.

Skills developed

– Develops hand eye coordination

– Encourages creativity

– Promotes colour recognition