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My First Totem


Trigger children’s creativity with My First Totem.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 18 months – 5 years

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Build your own crazy totem, or complete one of the 24 challenges by making the funniest constructions. The extra-large SmartMax parts help young children to safely discover the magic of magnetism.

SmartMax My First Totem contains 8 parts and 24 challenge cards. The set consists of different magnetic blocks, funny shapes with sounds, characters with different emotions and different textures.

With SmartMax My First Totem there is no question of boredom, just hours of play and magnetic discovery!

What our testers said

“Is the frog the right way?” – Girl aged 3 

“Ah 24 is hard, look how tall it is.” – Boy aged 3 

What our experts think

My First Totem features colourful, magnetic shapes with different textures and sounds, allowing children to develop early building and visual thinking skills. For little ones, the creative freedom to build and knock over a tower repeatedly can help them develop many important skills, from hand-eye coordination to cause and effect. 

The shapes stick together easily and this allows children to experiment with magnetism, as they work out why some of the shapes attract, and some repel. This motivates them to ask questions and make observations, an important part of learning. The challenge cards provided encourage children to match the different colours and shapes to successfully build each tower, developing their recognition skills and allowing them to practice following instructions.

Skills developed

– Develops visual thinking and problem solving skills

– Introduces children to concept of magnetism 

– Encourages colour and shape matching skills