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Our Little World – Tree Track Ball Run


Prepare for endless joy and cognitive growth with this captivating toy!


Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 6 months +

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A ball run in the shape of a tree that can be used both sides. The ball run also includes a peg track and spinning block, and 3 Our Little World character wooden balls

What out testers said

“More ball, again, again.” – Boy aged 18 months, squealing with delight when the ball came out at the bottom.

What our experts think

Children reacted very positively to the ball disappearing and reappearing through the holes as it went down the ramp. As object permanence develops in the first two years of life, the peekaboo nature of this game is great for teaching children to anticipate activity (the ball reappearing) and use trial and error learning to make the ball run down all 4 tracks for maximum engagement.

Skills developed

– Supports object permanence

– Develops trial and error learning 

– Encourages hand-eye coordination

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