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Pillowfight Warriors® Roman Range


Bring out your inner Roman Gladiator as you challenge your friends and family to a pillow fight!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3 – 8 Years


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From K-Play, Pillowfight Warriors® Roman Range are historically-themed safe and soft play weapons and shields – children can have fun safely and become Roman gladiators themselves in their bedrooms and homes…and even outside in the garden.

Additional information

Pillowfight Warriors® Roman

Axe, Clipeus Shield, Gladiator Shield, Gladius (Sword), Pilum Spear, Praetorian Shield, Scutum Shield, Sica (Sword)

What our testers said

“I will protect you princess.” – Boy aged 7

“How long ago was the Roman times?” – Girl aged 6

What our experts think

These soft play Pillowfight Shields and Weapons take children back to the Roman Empire and are perfect for injury-free imaginative role-play battles!

The children really got into their role-play, taking cover in different parts of the room and using their shields for protection – this is great for developing their creativity and storytelling skills. The theme of the set also got the children asking lots of questions about Roman times which is a fantastic way to engage them in learning about different historical periods.

Made out of soft material, the shields and daggers are ideal for rigorous play fighting as nobody gets hurt if they get hit. This kind of active play is great for helping children burn off energy, getting them laughing and also for teaching them about boundaries and where they should and shouldn’t hit. Our testers had great fun and all of the family got involved, with even older, teenage siblings joining in.

Skills developed

– Encourages imaginative role-play

– Great for developing creativity and storytelling skills

– Promotes active play and turn-taking