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POGS headphones


Engage in audio content safely with the Gecko and the Elephant Headphones.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age: 3+ years

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The Gecko

The ultimate wireless kids’ headphones. Safe, strong, packed with fun and comfy features. We named this one ‘The Gecko’ because the wireless Bluetooth® connection lets kids climb around freely like a gecko, even with their headphones on. Did you know that geckos can walk up a window or along a ceiling? Don’t try this at home though! And like a gecko, ‘The Gecko’ POGS has the scaly texture of gecko skin and a long lifetime.

You listen wirelessly for 12 hours after just 2 hours of charging. In a rush? Only 10 minutes of charging is needed for 1 hour of use. And don’t worry, if you forget to charge, you can always use the QuickSafe cable instead. You will also need this cable when using ‘The Gecko’ in the plane, so don’t lose it. ‘The Gecko’ comes with both the QuickSafe and the POGLink fabric cables included.


The Elephant 

The ultimate wired kids’ headphones, safe, strong and packed with fun and comfy features. We named this one ‘The Elephant’ because the wired connection keeps you grounded like an elephant. Did you know an elephant can stand the whole day and even sleep while standing? And like an elephant, ‘The Elephant’ POGS have the wrinkly texture of elephant skin and a long lifetime.

The QuickSafe cable with integrated microphone is designed to release quickly from POGS if it gets caught, safe for you and your POGS. It’s also a fabric cable so it doesn’t tangle up on you. And what’s more, a fabric POGlink cable is included in the box too.

What our testers said

“Look at me, I can dance with them on.” – Boy aged 6 

“They are sooo comfy” – Girl aged 3 

What our experts think

Pogs Headphones offer great sound quality, allowing children to engage fully in listening to videos, games and audiobooks with minimal disturbance. They block out background noise well and are easily adjustable, with a nice padded band that sits on the head for comfort. The safe sound feature also puts parents’ minds at ease, ensuring a limited noise level that keeps children’s ears safe. 

The wireless feature of the Gecko headphones means children are able to move away from what they are listening to (particularly useful if they are listening to an audiobook whilst playing) and even be free to dance around to music! 

We found the battery to last well (about 12 hours), meaning that they can be used several times before they need charging again. While an adult was needed to pair them with the device, children were able to use them independently and liked that they automatically paired when turned on thereafter. 

Skills developed

– Encourages listening skills