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Reading & Maths Essential Skills


Jam-packed with colourful and engaging practice activities, the fun-filled series is designed to complement the award-winning online learning programmes, reinforcing the essential reading and maths skills required for each year level.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: Reception, Year 1, Year 2

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240 Essential Reading Skills Workbook:
From Reading Eggs, the Essential Reading Skills workbook (UK Curriculum) builds skills in phonics, phonological awareness, handwriting and reading comprehension, as well as high-frequency sight words.

The workbook includes:

  • 60 lessons with four worksheets each
  • 10 quizzes with lesson reviews and rewards
  • a yearly planner
  • full-colour pages
  • 278 pages in total

200 Essential Maths Skills Workbook:
The Essential Maths Skills workbook (UK Curriculum) improves skills in numbers, addition, subtraction, geometry and measurement in just 15 minutes a day! With 50 easy-to-achieve lessons, this book covers the 200 essential skills your child needs to excel in maths.

The workbook includes:

  • 50 lessons with four worksheets each
  • 10 quizzes with lesson reviews and rewards
  • a yearly planner
  • full-colour pages
  • 260 pages in total.

Additional information

Reading & Maths Bundles

Reading & Maths for Reception, Reading & Maths for Year 1, Reading & Maths for Year 2

What our testers said

“The content is excellent with the right balance of fun and learning/education”. – Parent of child aged 5 

“We picked out elements that my child struggled with to give them extra support…It is also very helpful for parents to see where their child should be at by the end of the school year.” – Parent of child aged 7 

What our experts think

These Maths and Reading workbook bundles are a great way to provide children with extra support and build their confidence in concepts they are learning at school. The books cover a whole year of learning, meaning that children can work through them gradually or pick out particular elements or areas that they need more practice in. 

The workbooks are well laid out and colourful with lots of images and offer progressive learning as children develop their ability. We particularly like the learning reviews and quizzes as they demonstrate children’s progression, giving them a milestone to work towards and an accompanying sense of achievement. 

Skills developed

– Helps consolidate understanding of concepts in reading and maths 

– Develops children’s confidence in independent learning 

– Provides sense of achievement