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Ridley’s Games Peach Snaps


This is a fun variation of the card game snap where you match colours, numbers and shapes.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6-8 years

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Everything’s just peachy with the Ridley’s Games Peach Snaps Game from Wild and Wolf. In this fresh and fruity original card game, players must snap down their cards onto the centre piles each time there’s a match by colour, symbol or number. Quick play and even quicker reflexes are needed to be the first to discard all your peach cards to win a juicy victory! The 74 game cards come in a perfectly portable, peach-shaped container making this an game ideal for travel.

What our testers said

“So we have to get rid of all our cards. I don’t have anymore freeze cards.” – Girl aged 11

“It’s basically like snap, I know what to do.” – Girl aged 8

“You have to think really quickly, it’s so much fun” – Girl aged 9

What our experts think

We found this game fantastic for building communication skills and reaction times – our testers loved the friendly competition and fast pace of the game which increased as they played it over and over! Peach Snaps is similar to the traditional game of Snap but with the added feature of having to match shapes, colours and numbers.

This is great for developing skills in recognition and categorisation. The peach shaped container the cards came in was brilliant and is good for taking the game travelling in a car, train, or even on holiday.

The instructions were easily read and easy to understand and the game met different needs, with there being both pictures and words written on each card.

Skills developed

-Develops colour, shape and pattern recognition

-Great for following instructions

-Improves hand-eye coordination