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Rubik’s Gridlock


Elevate your child’s cognitive skills with this exciting and challenging puzzle game.
Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 7+ years

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Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Rubik’s Cube with Rubik’s Gridlock – a STEM-accredited puzzle that upholds the legacy of fostering cognitive skills for all ages. This symbol of intelligence, creativity, and perseverance introduces a new twist to the classic puzzle, providing a brain-boosting challenge for both the young and young at heart. Here’s why Rubik’s Gridlock stands out:

Key Features:

  • Challenge Your Thinking: Flip over a card to reveal your puzzle and engage flexible thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Starter Blocks: Arrange the fixed white blocks as per the card’s instructions.
  • Strategic Placement: Fit all pieces onto the board without moving the blocker pieces.
  • Diverse Difficulty Levels: With 44 double-sided puzzle cards, ranging from beginner to expert, this compact square game offers a range of challenges.
  • Quick Setup and Storage: Ensures convenience with easy setup and compact storage.

Rubik’s Gridlock is a compact and stimulating game, Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

What our testers said

“I like these challenges.” – Boy aged 9

“Oh man, I thought I had it that time…so close!” – Girl aged 10

What our experts think

Our testers enjoyed playing with Rubik’s Gridlock, engaging in the challenges provided by the puzzle cards and manipulation of the shapes in order to do so. Their level of  engagement was high for the majority of children. Repeat play was observed frequently and over extended sessions when playing solo or with a partner. They clearly enjoyed manipulating the differently shaped pieces to solve the puzzle and were motivated by “leveling up”. While playing the Gridlock challenges, children’s cognitive skills are facilitated through problem-solving and flexible thinking.  

Skills developed

– Develops logical thinking

– Supports problem solving

– Encourages persistence

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