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Sense & Grow Tissue Box


A lovely colourful sensory toy exploring colours and textures.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 5 months+

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Sensory and creative play from Sense & Grow is designed to be child-led. It is a series of choices and constructs initiated by the child. This play connects high-quality pretend play with cognitive competence. Babies are treated to a feast of the senses every time they pull something out of this soft tissue box. It comes loaded with 15 different coloured scarves that come with a range of textures to feel and sounds to explore. Pulling and grabbing the scarves also helps babies practice their fine motor co-ordination.

What our testers said

“A really simple and lovely idea” – Mum of a 10 month old

“Pulls out the squares one at a time, stopping to play with the crunchy ones” – Boy aged 16months

What our experts think

This is a lovely colourful toy that enhances the children’s senses. The concept of the tissue box was very appealing to our young testers as they love to pull tissues out of boxes. The young testers really enjoyed exploring each texture of the tissues, pulling them out of the box and putting them back enhancing their fine motor skills. This toy can be used for colour recognition with older children and is great to start exploring senses with younger children. This toy kept our testers engaged for a prolonged period of time and the materials that made a crunchy noise were the definite favourites. Overall this toy has many great benefits to enhance children’s senses, logical thinking, tactile play, memory, fine motor skills and creativity.

Skills developed

– Develops colour recognition

– Enhances fine motor skills

– Promotes use of sensory skills