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Unlock the mystery of Shashibo (the shape-shifting box)!  Just 1 magically mysterious Shashibo transforms into over 70 shapes. Collect & connect multiple Shashibo together to create even larger shapes structures!


Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 8+

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Will you be able to discover all 70 + shapes one cube can make?

There are currently 16 different designs to choose from, including our NEW Grateful Dead collection which consists of 4 different designs.

What’s more is you can collect & connect them together! With 36 rare earth magnets in each cube, you can combine several Shashibo to expand your puzzle cube into another dimension. Build larger geometric shapes and create unlimited possibilities as you add cubes.

Each cube is 2.4″ Then it expands and becomes bigger as you transform it into various shapes. Shashibo boxes are made out of 100% recycled ABS injection mold plastic, tear resistant stickers, and have 36 rare earth magnets enclosed within each cube! Both the ABS plastic and rare earth magnets are recyclable ♻️ at the end of their life!

What our testers said

“Oh, I just noticed this has trees in the background – I see moon rocks, stars, and trees. Cool, it represents earth and space.” – Girl aged 10.

“Awesome, I made the ‘star’, now I can make form #3.”  – Girl aged 12.

What our expert think

The children highly enjoyed engaging with the Shasibo cubes and they love playing with them with their peers! Our testers particular loved how the Shasibo cubes are with recognisable themes, like the seascape, moonscape, and world-map scape cube. The children required little to no assistance from adults to set up and play with the toys.

The Shasibo cubes are great for children to practise trial and error, visual and sensory skills.

Skills developed

– Supports persistence development

– Encourages trial and error

– Helps with sensory and visual perceptual development