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Special Numbers app


Simple, clear and customisable maths games for children with Special Educational Needs.




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 4-8 Years

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Special Numbers is an app that supports counting and sequences of numbers 0-20. A collection of games introduces children to core maths concepts:

Numbers are spoken aloud clearly, and shown as digits and objects.

Designed for Special Educational Needs, the app uses a clear and uncluttered design for children who can become overwhelmed, overstimulated or easily distracted. It is also suitable for preschoolers without SEN.

All of the games can be completely personalised to suit the individual child’s needs – parents can change everything from the numbers included and the font used, to the reward (animation or sound can be removed) and more.

What our testers said

“I like doing my maths.” (referring to the app) – Girl aged 6, with Global Developmental Delay

“One more time mummy.” – Boy aged 4, with Autism Spectrum Disorder

What our experts think

This app was really popular with our testers, who really enjoyed practising their maths skills. Children loved the round of applause when they answered correctly and this really helped to spur them on! There are lots of games to choose from and this variety helps keep children interested in practising over and over again.

Parents thought it was fantastic that the settings could be personalised to suit their child, and adjusted to make the games easier/more difficult.

The app has a variety of games that cover core maths skills, making it an excellent learning app. The languages can also be changed (through Manage Profiles) so children can also learn foreign languages with the app.

Skills developed

– The simple layout is great for children who become easily distracted

– Helps children practise score maths skills such as counting and ordering

– Highly customisable to suit every child’s needs