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Tale-Bot Pro


The Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro is an educational robot that combines creative, active play and foundational coding concepts to inspire young learners.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3-5 years

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Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro is an entry-level learning robot set for kids aged 3-5. Leveled up with innovative technology and with a wide range of cross-curricular Interactive maps, kids can learn basic coding concepts, and manipulate a robot to develop stories in a smart manner. Through game-based play, kids can improve skills of free speaking, and storytelling, while their social-emotional skills, the four C’s of 21st-century skills, and computational thinking skills are exercised.

What out testers said

“I made him draw a perfect circle!”-  Boy aged 5

“He needs to move forward three times, then turn right, then go
forward one more time.” – Boy aged 6

What our experts think

Children 3-to-5-years old, playing along with their family, found the product engaging and greatly enjoyed using it in various ways. For example, they delighted in learning to program the Tale-Bot in order to move objects using the robot arms, topple designed obstacles, play along with the zoo story, and create their own narratives using the fun accessories and interactive materials. Continued exploration of the features with family and friends, sparked further imagination and creativity for storytelling, drawing, and challenge designs.

The microphone feature was a big hit. The more advanced challenges in the booklet and App also captured the attention of older children (6-to-7-years old). Playing with the Tale-Bot fosters executive functioning skills, logic, and problem solving through endeavours.

Skills developed

– Develops executive functioning

– Encourages creative expression and imagination

– Promotes logical thinking and problem solving