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The Original Grobag


Made from soft, 100% cotton-rich fabric, these sleep bags are snuggly and kind on baby’s skin – perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Durable

Age: 3 months +

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With no loose blankets or sheets to get tangled up in or kick off, baby sleep bags can help little ones regulate their temperature when sleeping, so they are less likely to be disturbed by being too hot or too cold.

Safer sleep is better sleep and preventing babies from overheating is an important part of safer sleep. This sleep bag range is available in four different TOGS (warmth ratings) so that you can dress your baby safely for the room temperature:

3.5 TOG: ideal for cold winter months and for cold rooms below 14°C
2.5 TOG: suitable for use all year round and for room temperatures between 14-20°C
1.0 TOG: ideal for use in warmer months or in rooms with temperatures between 20-24°C.
0.2 TOG: ideal for heatwaves, hot weather and very warm rooms with temperatures above 24°C.

Choose from a variety of beautiful designs from everyday to luxury ranges. Please refer to the ‘What to Wear’ guide to ensure you dress your baby in the correct clothing under the sleep bags.

These sleep bags have been designed to be snug up top and wriggly down below – slim fitting through the chest to enable full freedom of movement without restriction or excess bulk with a roomy, hip-healthy bottom to allow your baby to adopt a natural “frog-legged” sleeping position, which is important for correct hip development.


What our testers said

“I love that you can change your baby’s nappy in them without getting them completely out of their covers.” Mum of 3-month-old girl.

“Baby settles very quickly, does not wake up cold or lost covers.” Grandmother of 8-month-old girl and 14-month-old boy.

What our experts think

Go Bag is the perfect sleep bag for babies if you are looking for something super convenient and comfortable. Simply zip the sleep bag up and your baby is all set, then can simply unzip the bottom part when changing nappies. 

As a wearable duvet for your baby, it’s easy to move a sleeping little one around without disturbing them. Our testers particularly loved how durable the sleep bag is, perfect for passing down between siblings. The various TOG options help control your baby’s temperature – a heavy one for Winter and a light one would work perfectly for the summer days.

The sleep bag is washing-machine friendly too, so it is super easy to clean and maintain.

Key features

– Easy to use and maintain, simple zip and unzip

– Super durable and long-lasting

– All-in-one design is convenient for travel