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Ultrasonic Misting Volcano


This engaging and stimulating volcano kit strikes children’s curiosity to learn about science and the world in a whole new way!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:


Age: 7+

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A new take on the classic volcano science project. Connect together the electronics which use ultrasonic technology to turn water vapor into misty clouds that billow from a glowing volcano model. Learn about Volcanology as well as circuitry and ultrasonic sound waves.

What our testers said

“Ladies and gentlemen, come be amazed by the cold mist I will summon!” – Boy aged 9.

“​​How cool, the volcano’s insides go all over.” – Girl aged 8.

What our experts think

Children were excited about the product and wanted to start with the experiments in the Ultrasonic Misting Volcano kit immediately. The graphics of the booklet are very engaging and it encouraged learning the scientific information. Both parents and children loved how the directions provide a visual for each step of each experiment and were amazed by how versatile the volcano top and misting base are. 

This product allows children to have a high potential to increase their physical, thinking, language, and creativity skills, while encouraging children to be interactive with their peers.

Skills developed

– Encourages creativity and curiosity

– Develops problem solving skills 

– Promotes children’s scientific vocabulary