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Water Babies Splash Mirror


Build their confidence at home or during their swimming lessons with the Water Babies splash mirror – your baby will love being entertained by their reflection at the pool or during bath time!

Age: 6 Months+

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This sensory bath toy can be used to enhance engagement at the pool or bath time, offering your little one even more fun and enjoyment in the water.

Made from a high-density foam, this baby bath mirror is soft enough to be used safely by babies aged 3 months and over.

Top tips:
Hold above your babies face when supporting them to float on their backs. This helps create a flat streamlined position which will help them float. This technique also helps babies lie happily in the bath.

What our testers said

“It will get used lots, especially when we go on holiday.” Parent of 10 month old

“The fact that there is an additional panel that covers the mirror part is great for a game of Peekaboo.” Parent of 7 month old

What our experts think

This splash mirror is great for helping baby feel comfortable in the water and encouraging them to explore their own reflection. Watching themselves in the mirror builds little ones’ sense of identity and can also be hilarious fun – babies enjoyed making different faces at themselves!

Our testers found the mirror very helpful for getting baby to float on their back in both the bath or the swimming pool as it encouraged them to look up. Little ones also enjoyed reaching out and moving the mirror on the water as it floats, which is great for developing their hand-eye coordination.

Skills developed

– Encourages babies to explore their reflection

– Can help encourage baby to float on their back

– Promotes hand-eye coordination

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