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Watermelon Math


Flashcards to help children consolidate their mathematical knowledge


Ease of Use:
Age: 9-12 years

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Are you ready to help your elementary and middle school students conquer their ISEE and SSAT exams with confidence? Look no further! Our Premium Math Mastery Cards are here to empower young minds and boost their math skills to new heights.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: These cards are crafted to include all the essential math terms and concepts tested on the ISEE and SSAT exams. Your child will be fully prepared to tackle any math question that comes their way.

2. Convenient Size: Measuring at a compact 4 inches by 3.25 inches, our cards are designed for students on the move. Whether it’s studying in the car, during recess, or at home, these cards are the perfect companion for on-the-go learning and independent study.

3. Premium Quality: We believe in the power of quality materials. That’s why our cards are printed on premium 350gsm stock, coated for durability, and come in a custom-designed two-part box that ensures they stay organised and protected.

4. Engaging Design: Learning doesn’t have to be dull! Our cards feature vibrant, colourful, and double-sided designs that make math concepts come alive. These visuals help students not only understand but also remember important math concepts effortlessly.

5. Perfect Test Prep Companion: Whether your child is preparing for the ISEE or SSAT exams, our Math  Cards are the ideal complement to your existing test prep materials. They provide that extra edge needed to excel in these critical exams.

6. Expertly Created: Rest assured that our Math Cards are the result of painstaking effort and expertise. They were created by an ISEE and SSAT test prep expert with years of experience in helping students succeed.


What our testers said

“They look better than other maths cards I have seen” – Girl aged 10

“The pictures help me remember.” – Boy aged 12

What our experts think

Once an adult had explained to our testers what the flashcards were and how they could help them to remember what they learn in maths at school, they were keen to explore. It was suggested that a card or guide in the pack explaining what the cards are for, and an indication of what age each card is appropriate for, would be helpful. Most of the children were really positive about the graphics on the cards, some commenting that the pictures would help them to remember the descriptions on the cards and would be useful when preparing for tests at school. They also found the examples given on each card helpful to understand the concepts they weren’t sure of. Some of our testers spent time using the cards to question each other, which is good for encouraging communication and turn-taking. Others became a bit overwhelmed and put off by the cards they weren’t familiar with, and maybe would have benefited from some play ideas or games being included in the pack to keep them engaged, either independently or as part of a group.

Skills developed

– Helps children to memorise information.

– Encourages children to revise for tests.

– Promotes memory recall.

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