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Weplay Crystal Village


Wow! The houses are shiny and colourful, this must be the Crystal Village!


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age: 2 years +

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There are 6 Tall Houses, 6 Short Houses, and 2 different angles of Roof Blocks. The concept of angles is introduced through gameplay. This set offers a perfect platform for children to learn primary colors and color mixing. The 6 double-sided game cards introduce several mathematical concepts.

Block x 36
Double-sided Game Card x 6

Open-ended Constructive Play
1. 6 Tall Houses and 6 Short Houses, in different materials, can be stacked from different angles to form unique houses.
2. The House Blocks and Roof Blocks can be played together or separately. Children’s spatial concepts can be developed systematically from 2D to 3D with open-ended constructive gameplay.

Mathematical Concept
1. The basic concepts of angles are introduced through the gameplay. Tops of the House Blocks are designed as 30 and 45 degrees while the Roof Blocks are 60 and 90 degrees.
2. A 90-degree angle can be formed by 2 45-degree Housetops. The blocks can be pieced together to make a full circle. Children learn the concept of angles and fractions from constructive play.

Color and Light
1. The translucent houses are in three primary colors. The Crystal Village is a perfect platform for children to learn about primary colors and color mixing while having fun.
2. The Roofs come in orange, green and purple. These colors are also the result of mixing two primary colors.
3. With a light source, it creates colorful shadows. Children can explore the changes of the shadows by adjusting the direction and distance of the light source.

Double-sided Game Card
1. The 6 double-sided game cards introduce concepts such as angle, color mixing, sequence, etc. The gameplay enhances children’s problem-solving skills.
2. Several examples on the Game Cards are in the actual size of the blocks. Children can play the blocks directly on the game cards.

What our testers said

“Look, it’s a tiny little house!” – Girl aged 4

“I am a building God!” – Boy aged 7

What our experts think

This STEAM toy is not just great fun but also educational! Children were immediately fascinated by the packaging of this amazing Weplay Crystal Village. The children were all interested to explore the pieces, using the visuals on the box for initial inspiration, and learning the basic form and function of each piece. They started building immediately with a little demonstration by adults or older siblings. Moving forward, they used the “game cards” with their parents or caregivers, peers, or older siblings.

Overall, the Weplay Crystal Village set was engaging for all ages. It supports physical and language development, as well as encourages imagination and creativity. 

Skills developed

– Supports physical and language development

– Encourages creative and imaginative play

– Helps with social skills development