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Weplay Icy Ice Building Set


Icy Ice Building Set comes with four colors of large and small blocks. The blocks can be interlocked with each other to create three-dimensional abstract or realistic designs.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age: 2 year-old+

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Children develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination with infinite design possibilities!

Icy Ice Blocks (L) x 28 (blue x 7, green x 7, orange x 7, white x 7)
Icy Ice Blocks (S) x 28 (blue x 7, green x 7, orange x 7, white x 7)

Open-ended Constructive Gameplay
1. These large-size blocks, with a diameter of 22.5 cm, allow children to improve interactive skills through open-ended, imaginative play with their peers.
2. Snowflake-shaped blocks with elaborate angle design provide multiple ways of connections. Constructive play enhances children’s spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.
3. Interlocking design allows blocks to lock into place for easy and efficient storage.

Two Sizes of Snowflake
1. Children can play with small Blocks independently or assemble a small Block into the center of a large Block for more constructive possibilities.
2. Two sizes of Blocks add extra fun! The size difference allows children to find ways to connect and balance blocks into different constructions.

Colors Speak All Languages
1. The Blocks come in sky blue, snow white, sunrise orange and grass green. The nature-inspired color combination adds aesthetic value to the set.

User’s Guide
1. The user’s guide provides ideas from 2D to 3D construction, it inspires children to create their own masterpiece in the three-dimensional world!

What our testers said

“Mom, I made a robot. Look, he is as big as me when I sit next to him!” Boy aged 6.

“Is this the ‘notch’?” – Girl aged 3.

What our experts think

Children were immediately attracted by the “mystery” box and it really struck their curiousity to find out what are inside the box. Children required some assistance from adults to help them with popping the pieces out and using them. Our testers particularly enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of the set, it allows them to make sound effects, design their buildings, and create stories with their structures. This building set is also great for encouraging teamwork – playing with their peers, which helps with social skills development.
Overall, this building set is amazing for supporting creativity and imagination, as well as physical and language skills.

Skills developed

– Supports social skills development

– Encourages physical and language development

– Helps with creative and imaginative play