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Wildlife collection


The Schleich Wildlife Collection consists of high quality wild animal figures which opens the door to tons of small world play opportunities!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 2+ years

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The Schleich® Wild Life collection gives children the opportunity to explore the savannah, dive into a fascinating underwater world, discover the many species of the jungle, or enjoy a fascinating forest walk. This popular imaginative play pattern is timeless and allows children to learn about the great big world around them.

From small figures to large playsets there are endless play options available.

What our testers said

“Lions are predators, that means they eat other animals.” Girl aged 4

“They are all swimming.” Boy aged 5

What our experts think

The Schleich Wildlife collection was enormously popular with our testers – their eyes just lit up when they saw all of the different animals they could play with! This variety gives children more opportunities for imaginative play, from running around with the parrot in the air to giving the elephants a bath.

It also encourages children to learn about different animal species. We saw children putting the male and female animals together, and older children discussed the similarities and differences between the animals, such as identifying the predators. This helps support children’s scientific knowledge of animals.

The high quality toys are hugely versatile too! Our testers combined them with other play sets (including turning a pirate ship into Noah’s ark!) and used water and sand to create environments for their animals. This encouraged children to experiment with materials, for example, seeing the different prints animals made in the sand and finding out if they would sink or float.

Skills developed

– Encourages discussion about animal species

– Great for imaginative play

– High quality and very versatile