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Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters and Words


A lovely letter-tracing app




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 3-7 Years

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Writing Wizard is designed to help children learn how to trace letters, numbers and words.

The app shows and enforces how to trace letters correctly – the children are shown the correct formation, they then have to copy. Each is traced using different stickers (when tracing letters the stickers correspond to the chosen letter.) Once finished the children are shown what to do to make their letter animated!
The app is customisable to suit every child’s needs (letter size, difficulty…) and it has the capability for parents to check progress. The user reports are detailed and you can see exactly how your child traced the letter; it replays their strokes and shows you how accurate they have been.

In the parent area you can create PDF Worksheets and print them to reinforce what the children have learnt in the Writing Wizard app.

What our experts think

Writing Wizard is a great app for teaching children correct letter formation and allowing them to practice in a fun and engaging way. We were particularly delighted to see how much children enjoyed playing this app. We’ve tested many letter/writing apps and this stands out for us – several of our little testers were keen to play over and over again because they enjoyed the animations and interactivity so much.

We really liked the way in which children could start with patterns, developing their fine motor skills, and then move on to letters (lower and upper case), numbers and finally words.

The parent area was brilliant and gave detailed reports as to exactly what children had been doing – we really liked the way you could replay how they formed the letter. This is a powerful tool as it will enable parents to correct any wrong formations early on.


It would be even better if…

It is possible to enable the parent gate to cover the users and settings – there is a check box or an option.  We would like the parent gate to have been on users and settings as the default for the app (to stop children accessing these areas and changing things) with the option being to turn it off!

What our testers said

“I like the bouncy pictures” – Girl aged 5

“Look at the pretty shapes Mummy” – Girl aged 5

“Can I play the letters one again Mummy” – Boy aged 4

Skills developed

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Allows children to practice correct letter formations

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