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Tips for Managing Children’s Tablets & Mobiles

We’ve developed this ever-growing section to help provide answers to all your questions about mobile devices

Advice on eSafety

We provide simple, easy to follow advice to help you keep your children safe online

Toys, Apps and Play in general can be particularly important in helping children with special needs to develop and to help them to level the playing field with other children.

We provide information on a range of conditions:


The Balanced Play Diet

 The Play Diet is a practical approach that parents can use to help guide the activities that they encourage their children to do, and can help them resist the pester power that parents tell us they find so difficult to handle.

TV: a Balanced Approach

The reports that demonise TV and screen time look only at one issue: the socio-cognitive development of one child. This misses out on a range of other developmental opportunities and completely ignores the needs of the rest of the family.

Can you Learn to Write using a Tablet?

Learning to write can be a difficult process for many children; not only do they need to be able to recognise letters shapes, but also they need the fine motor control to write the letter correctly.