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Back to School Advice for Parents

Going back to school after a summer off is exciting but many children also feel a little nervous or anxious at the changes ahead. Whether your child is starting school for the first time, starting a new year with a new teacher or making that big transition to secondary school, we have produced this article covering back to school advice for parents to read and learn that there is plenty you can do to get the school year off to a great start.



Plan in Advance

One of the best things you can do to help your child get back to normal after the long break is to prepare them in advance. Don’t wait until the day before school starts, instead:

  • Re-establish bedtime routines and mealtimes too. If bedtime has gotten later and later, take a few days to move it earlier little by little. For older children explain why sleep is important to keep them fit and healthy.
  • Buy in uniforms, new shoes, stationary and a new bag or lunchbox if needed. Trying on a uniform can help younger children realise that school will soon be a part of their life again.
  • If your child seems a little anxious, consider inviting a few of their friends over for lunch and to play. A few weeks may not seem long to adults, but it can often feel longer to little ones and having that renewed friendship can quell worries.
  • Get them used to homework time again. Set aside time each day for sitting and concentrating – why not play some family board games?
  • Rehearse that early start. Get everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door in time to arrive at the park, Grandma’s house or even their new school for their usual start time. Just one practice run can help identify any problems before their first day back.




First Day Back

Manage their first day back to school well and the rest of the term should follow suit. Think back to last year and see what changes would help your days go smoother:

  • Prepare everything the night before, have uniforms ironed and laid out ready, and have bags packed by the door. Check timetables (it may be useful to have a printed-out timetable on the fridge) and know which days PE Kits are needed and any after-school club necessities.
  • If your child is starting at a new school, or setting out to secondary school on their own, make sure you know the way there.
  • Have a good breakfast; this is so important so make something you know they love and sit down to enjoy it as a family. Make this an everyday thing as it’s a great time to allow your child to air any concerns too, so listen to them and ease any worries.



Getting the school year off to a great start will help your child’s confidence, attitude towards learning and social enjoyment too. Preparing them in advance can help ensure that the first day back to school goes brilliantly and is stress-free for both you and them.