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Five Valentine craft activities for children

Share the love with some homemade gifts. Whether your child has a special girl/boyfriend or just wants to let their friend or family member know how much they mean to them, here are some simple craft ideas to try out together this Valentine’s.


1. Heart Animals


(Craft idea from Housing a Forest)

Simple to make and cute to look at, these cut out animals are also handy for using up odd paper scraps. Great for encouraging children to experiment with and identify shapes and colours.


2. Valentine’s Day Slime


(Craft idea from Natural Beach Living)

A perfect sensory activity that helps to develop dexterity as well as providing children with a great introductory chemistry experiment! Children can get creative by experimenting with adding glitter, heart shapes and different colours. 


3.Valentine’s Day Branch Tree


(Craft idea from The House That Lars Built)

As well as being fun to make together, this will also make a beautiful centrepiece for the kitchen or coffee table. Another great activity for developing dexterity (and a great way to get children outside collecting twigs and branches).


4. Valentine Biscuits 


Bake your own Soft cut out cookies for Valentine's day

(Baking idea from Sally’s Baking Addiction)

Baking is a great activity to do with children; it reinforces maths skills (measuring and counting) and ends in a tasty treat. Let youngsters get creative and come up with their own ways of decorating their biscuits. 


5. Hearty Bird Feeder 


Create your own hearty bird feeder

(Craft idea from Good to Know)

It’s not just people who like getting a little something from someone who cares.  These bird feeders are easy to make and children will enjoy waiting which visitors pop along to the garden for a nibble (it’s a great opportunity to teach children about local wildlife).

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