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How to help your child fall asleep with soft toys


  • The importance of soft toys for developing healthy sleep patterns
  • How Dream Beams soft toys can be used to help children fall asleep easier




From the moment we become parents, we know all too well how vital sleep is to the well-being of our children – and ourselves. Most of a child’s early years development happens literally while sleeping. Healthy sleep patterns throughout childhood until early adulthood are connected to;

  • Growth 
  • Immunity 
  • Learning
  • Memory 
  • Mental health
  • Physical health 

While sleep is important, at any age, it’s hard to switch off at the end of the day. Getting your children to bed early, with a consistent routine and then staying asleep throughout the night can be challenging. 

Plush soft toys are the most common nighttime pal tucked up in bed with children to help them sleep. According to a recent study, soft toys are also still the number one companion in helping adults get to sleep. The researchers reported that up to 34% of adults in the UK sleep with a soft toy and over half still own their childhood toy or blanket. And there’s good reason for that. 

Soft toys like Dream Beams are physically comforting. Touching these toys increases neural pathways which makes us feel less anxious and isolated, creating a mental feeling of comfort too. 

Sleep is one of the most important functions for development. But it’s also when we’re at our most vulnerable. It makes sense for us to attach to comforting objects to help us feel safe and secure for a good night’s sleep. 



What are Dream Beams?



Dream Beams are cute and cuddly bedtime friends that glow in the dark. The range of 30 plus characters are available in three sizes (9cm /18cm /30cm) and each one is a unique character. From Alice the Kitty to Juliana the Jellyfish, children can get curious and discover their character’s distinctive features through the attached QR code and online platform with fun-filled activities suitable for all ages. Children are delighted to play with the glow-in-the-dark feature of Dream Beams. When their Dream Beam is left under a light source, like a window during the day, at night the smiley face of the toy literally lights up the room. 


How do Dream Beams help children fall asleep?



Feedback from testers of Dream Beams for the Good Play Guide showed how their toy instantly became a bedtime friend. 

Due to the glow in the dark feature, the Dream Beams toys were a popular choice for children to help them relax for bedtime. Many children are scared of the dark and often use a night light to fall asleep. The Dream Beams glow was commended for not being too bright. While the glow doesn’t last all night, it lasts long enough for children to fall asleep. This means for some children, the toy could be a cuddly alternative to a night light.

The soft and squidgy feel of the Dream Beams toys was praised for being very comforting and reassuring. When children feel comforted they can feel confident in new, changing or difficult situations. Feedback showed how the familiar friendly face can be particularly beneficial for children who travel between parents’ houses. Dream Beams was also comforting for children with additional needs such as autism, whose sensory perception is especially sensitive.


How can I help enhance the benefits of Dream Beams?



What a lot of parents maybe don’t realise is how children project part of themselves onto their toys. 

When children talk about their toy – its feelings and actions – often they’re really trying to express themselves, especially in the early years. Soft toys are usually a child’s first attachment outside of their family where they can learn to look after somebody else and develop empathy. When your child has a task at hand or is struggling to tell you something, talking through your child’s toy can be a great way to help them. 

For example:  “Lola the Ladybug needs to brush her teeth” or “It’s okay that George the Gorilla is feeling sad”. 

This can be a golden way to encourage your child’s consistent bedtime routine. By encouraging their sleepy Dream Beam toy to get to bed on time after a long day of playing, you can help your child get to sleep too. Hopefully they’ll be nodding off in no time.


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