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Is Slime Safe and are there any Alternatives to Slime?

What is Slime?

Slime is a gooey, stretchy substance that is fun to play with and manipulate. It is typically made from a combination of glue, water, and a binding agent such as borax or saline solution. Slime comes in a variety of colours and textures, from glittery and sparkly to neon and pastel. It provides a sensory experience that is both relaxing and stimulating, making it a great stress reliever for people of all ages.

Glitter Slime



Is Slime safe to play with?

While borax, a common ingredient found in slime, can cause skin irritations and burns that may lead to serious infections, it is generally safe to play with. Borax can also irritate the lungs if inhaled in powder form, but the small amounts in slime recipes are unlikely to be toxic. To keep children safe, adult supervision and following the recipe are recommended. Children with existing skin irritations, such as cuts or eczema, should avoid borax-based slime recipes.


Are there any health risks associated with slime? 

Ingesting borax can be poisonous, so it’s essential to ensure children wear gloves and wash their hands thoroughly after playing with slime. Prolonged exposure to borax can also increase the risk of irritation. However, slime can be a great learning tool for children, as it is an example of polymerisation and a way to teach science concepts. Slime also makes a great sensory tool to relieve stress and anxiety, making it a popular choice for many people.


Why not try these safe alternatives to slime?


Moon Sand

Indulge in a delightful sensory play adventure with your little ones by crafting your own batch of moon sand using this effortless recipe!

With only three basic ingredients, this marvellous creation can be moulded into various shapes, pressed to make intricate designs, and utilized to construct exquisite sand castles!

The cherry on top is that it’s gluten-free, rendering it accessible to all for an enjoyable playtime.


Gloop is a fun and educational science experiment that kids love to play with! With its unique texture and stretchy consistency, Gloop allows children to explore the properties of non-Newtonian fluids and learn about viscosity and elasticity. Gloop can be stretched, squeezed, and shaped in all sorts of ways, and it reacts differently to different types of movement. This makes Gloop a fun and engaging tool for hands-on learning and experimentation.




Unleash your child’s creativity and provide a fun sensory experience with Floam! This unique moulding compound provides endless possibilities for imaginative play, allowing kids to shape and mould all sorts of shapes and figures with its soft and squishy texture. Playing with Floam also has therapeutic benefits, providing a tactile experience that can help children relieve stress and improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, parents can feel confident in giving their children Floam, as it is a safe and non-toxic toy that is easy to clean up. Choose from a variety of colours and textures and watch your child’s imagination come to life with Floam!”

(Floam Recipe by Buzzfeed)



Playfoam Set (Recommended by the Good Play Guide)

The mess-free creative play resource never dries out and is perfect for sparking your child’s imagination and creativity. With 8 vibrant colours to choose from, your child can create an endless number of colourful masterpieces. The soft and squishy texture of the foam allows for easy moulding, shaping, and sculpting, making it an excellent sensory experience for your child. Whether your child is building a towering castle, a cute animal figure, or simply exploring the texture, the PLAYFOAM® COMBO (8 PACK) is sure to provide hours of entertainment and educational value.




Playdough is a classic toy that has been enjoyed by generations of children. With its soft and malleable texture, Playdough is perfect for sculpting, moulding, and creating all sorts of shapes and figures. The bright colours of Playdough stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity and encourage them to explore and experiment with different designs. Whether they’re making a castle, a car, or a funny monster, the possibilities are endless with Playdough!

(Playdough Recipe by BBC)



In conclusion, while there are potential health risks associated with playing with slime, taking proper precautions and following recipes can make it a generally safe and fun activity for kids and adults alike. Slime can provide educational opportunities for children to learn about science concepts and serve as a sensory tool for stress relief.

Overall, with adult supervision and careful attention to safety guidelines, slime can be an enjoyable and beneficial toy.