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Twelve Easter craft ideas for Children of all ages

Arts and crafts are a great way to keep children entertained over the Easter holidays and they don’t have to cost a lot either.

Plus, you’ll be creating some lovely keepsakes you can look back on as your child grows up (we have a feeling the Little Bunnies craft will keep you giggling for a while!).

Craft ideas for two to four year-olds


Easter bunny and chick fingerprint card

(Easter bunny and chick fingerprints card via Chickabug blog)






Developmental Tips

Crafts are an excellent way for younger children to improve their hand strength and coordination (known as fine motor control), which is important for everything from doing up the buttons on their clothes, to holding a pencil to writing.

Messy play lets children explore different textures and learn how they can change, for example, seeing colours mix or how wet glue dries hard.Themed activities can help teach children about the world. For example, Easter crafts can be used to teach children about Spring and introduce them to the idea of growth and change.


Craft ideas for five to seven year-olds

Easy Sewing Bunny Brooch

(Felt Bunny Brooch via Red Ted Art)



Developmental Tips

Friends are important to children at this age. Crafts are a great activity for them to do together, developing social skills. Or, children can make gifts to give to their friends.School-aged children take great pride in the things they make, so crafts can build their confidence and self-esteem. Don’t be surprised if they want to show everyone what they’ve made!More detailed crafts require a higher level of dexterity and concentration. This helps refine children’s hand-eye coordination and encourages them to focus – a great skill for paying attention in the classroom.


Craft ideas for eight to 12 year-olds

Easter Bunny Silhouette Print Shirt

Eraser-Stamped Easter Bunny Shirt via Cutesy Crafts)