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Reusing Resources for Zero Waste Week

The average person in the UK throws away around 400kg of waste each year, 7 times their bodyweight!

Back in the 90’s only 7.5% of this waste was recycled, but thanks to recycling schemes this has increased to 43% in present years – if you recycle, give yourself a pat on the back! If not, why not have a look at this guide on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

You can protect the environment (and save money!) this week with Zero Waste Week



By being more environmentally friendly you can be a good role model for your child, and protect the world for their future. Here are some family-friendly tips and ideas for reusing resources:

Packed Lunches

Use a refillable bottle rather than bottled water or juice cartons

Reuse the foil, cling film or bags their sandwiches are kept in throughout the week


Reuse leftovers when you can – for example, a chicken dinner on Monday will make some lovely sandwiches for Tuesday. Have a look at this list of ‘use it up recipes’ for more ideas on cooking with leftovers

Use up fruit that is on it’s way out for a smoothie or in baking (for example, banana bread)

Art materials

Reuse unwanted letters etc. as scrap paper for your children to draw on or make crafts (such as paper dolls, chains or lanterns)

Children can use all manner of things to make art (toilet tubes are particularly useful). You can simply create a craft box and let children use their imaginations, or research some craft ideas


Socks famously make good puppets. Stick some googly eyes on the front and see what stories your child can come up with!

Old clothes can also be used to make new clothes for dolls – help your child work out a template and sew up their own designs

Clothes that have been outgrown but are still in a wearable condition can be sold online (for example, eBay, Gumtree, or through your local Facebook selling page), or donated to a charity shop


Reuse your reusable shopping bags! Most of us forget to take our bags with us when we go shopping (often realising when we’re queuing at the till!), but if you get into the habit, you will save an awful lot of carrier bags

Unwanted Toys

As with clothes, unwanted toys in good condition can be sold or donated