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24pc Rainbow Mini Pack


Connetix 24pc Rainbow Mini Pack is a magnetic construction set with 3 different shaped plastic tiles for children to build with.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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The Connetix 24pc Rainbow Mini Pack offers an exciting introduction to the benefits and potential of STEAM learning with magnetic tiles. Featuring a selection of vibrant, rainbow shapes, children can discover new possibilities for creation, design and building – including rockets, ice-creams, houses, flowers, dinosaurs, animals, cityscapes, boats and mandalas.


The possibilities of play are unlimited due to the open-ended nature of Connetix, inviting children to unleash their imagination and creativity while learning through play. Adaptable to the different stages of childhood and learning, children of all ages can explore concepts of STEAM learning, whether individually or with friends and family.


Also available is the 32pc Pastel Mini Pack & 62pc Rainbow Starter Pack


What our testers said

“Look, I made a rocket!” – Girl aged 3

“I’m going to make a pyramid!” – Boy aged 11

What our experts think

The children really enjoyed the Connetix 24pc Rainbow Mini Pack. The children
opened the box and started playing with the set immediately, they loved the
colourful pieces and the different shapes. Repeated-play was observed and they
were reluctant to stop playing with the set. The inspiration booklet provided some
ideas for the children on what to build. The set was particularly great for supporting children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The three different shapes also encouraged imaginative and creative play. The only ‘complaint’ that our testers had while engaging with this set was not having enough tiles. Some children also used the set as an additional add-on to their existing Connetix products, and they engaged with it very positively as they had more pieces to work on their creations.  This 24pc Rainbow Mini Pack was great fun for all ages to play with. The set was well-designed, so the children could play with it very intuitively without the assistance’s of adults. The magnet on the tiles was strong enough for the creations to stand still and stayed stable, but not too strong for the younger ones to pull apart. Our testers really enjoyed using their imagination to build flexibly and creatively. There was also no gender baises observed in the packaging.

Skills developed

– Encourages imaginative and creative play

– Supports fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

– Helps with basic Maths skills, e.g. shape-recognition

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