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abc Pocket Phonics – Letter Sounds and Writing+ First Words


PocketPhonics teaches kids letter sounds, first words and handwriting.




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 3-6 Years

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This app offers simple but valuable phonics instruction for primary-aged children. Children hear and repeat common vowel and consonant sounds, practicing writing by copying letters. The app neatly illustrates the correct way to write each letter. abc PocketPhonics keeps young children on their toes by mixing up simple listening, speaking, and writing activities.

What our testers said

“Drawing the letter is fun” – Boy aged 4

“It’s good as I can practise my writing” – Girl aged 5

What our experts think

Children can practice writing letters and phonics by following the animated on-screen guide, and are prompted to say these out loud too. The app also says the sound aloud and asks the child to tap on the letter or phonic that is said, helping children associate the written letters with the sounds. The letters and phonics then join together to form a word that is also said aloud, showing children how the sounds of individual letters and phonics can be blended to form a word. Children are praised every time they complete the task correctly, encouraging them to keep trying.

Skills developed

– Teaching letter sounds/phonics

– Encourages writing and reading

– Promotes listening skills