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Botley® 2.0 Activity Set


Meet Botley® 2.0, the next generation of coding robot from Learning Resources, ready to teach children the fundamentals of coding without the need for a screen.


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Ages: 6 – 8 years

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Following the success of the award-winning Botley, Botley® 2.0 from Learning Resources, is packed with advanced features for even more coding fun! Use the new ergonomically designed and colour-coded gaming style remote to programme a sequence of up to 150 steps in six different directions, navigate obstacles with an advanced object detection function and even make Botley® 2.0 dance!

Whether your child is a first-time or experienced coder, they will continue to be captivated as they unlock hidden features and learn cool coding tricks such as turn Botley® 2.0 into a ghost, police car and many more

Additional information

Weight 1.43 kg
Dimensions 244 × 231 × 163 mm

What our testers said

“How can Botley see the things in his way?” – Boy aged 8

“I get this now; you have to concentrate to get it right!” – Boy aged 6

What our experts think

Botley introduces children to coding in a fun way – a real favourite with our testers. They loved the concept of a robot and were eager to get programming! They needed some help initially to understand the commands but once they had read or listened to the instructions, they were well on their way. The younger children engaged in simple programmes – one group enjoyed programming Botley to move from one child to another (they were sat in a circle). This teaches cause and effect and logical thinking skills which are ideal as a basis for important STEM learning. The older children used more advanced codes and managed to get Botley to avoid objects – lots of trial and error learning occurred as children adapted their codes, which promotes key concepts of problem solving and strategy which is a great complement to the science and technology curriculum.

The children showed a high level of engagement and determination when coding the robot – they did not want to give up, demonstrating perseverance. The option to build upon simple codes and functions and two levels of difficulty provides opportunities for children to progress their knowledge and develop their understanding. We also observed some excellent teamwork and enjoyed seeing the children discuss their successes and failures, building on them in their future codes. This promotes communication, collaboration and sharing of ideas, tools that are key for success in a STEM learning environment.

Skills developed

– Develops children’s knowledge in basic coding and logic

– Promotes skills in following instructions, concentration and attention

– Teaches children to evaluate their learning and build on it