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Butterfly Farm™


An amazing butterfly-raising kit that allows children to explore the beauty and science of metamorphosis.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 4+ years

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Insect Lore thrills children of all ages with its Butterfly Farm which lets children into the entrancing metamorphosis of caterpillars to chrysalides to Painted Lady butterflies. Feed and enjoy your beautiful butterflies for a few days, then let them go to pollinate our precious world!

The newest butterfly kit includes a one-of-a-kind Butterfly Farm habitat and everything you need to raise your own caterpillars!

Your kit will include a Butterfly Farm habitat, Chrysalis Station log, butterfly Feeding Dropper, sugar packets to make butterfly nectar, a special flower butterfly feeder, 12-page Butterfly STEM Journal, Learning Tuck-away panel highlighting all the stages of Metamorphosis, Wildflower seed packets (come with your cup of caterpillars) and detailed instructions.

What our testers said

“Look, they are wiggling!” – Girl aged 4 

“They need to rest to transform. We can talk to them later.” – Boy aged 8 

What our experts think

The Butterfly Farm provides an engaging, at-home learning experience as children observe the magical transformation of caterpillars to butterflies. Taking part in hands-on activities like this really helps children with understanding real-world concepts, as they offer a sense of ownership over their learning and allow children to observe changes in real time. 

This also introduces children to scientific concepts such as metamorphosis and life cycles of insects and the scientific vocabulary that goes along with them. As they engage with the habitat, children are also encouraged to use important logical reasoning skills such as observation and prediction to work out and watch what will happen next. 

As younger children have a shorter attention span, they often needed support to understand the process and instructions and a little more encouragement to check on the caterpillars after the first few days had passed. However, older children were able to remain fully engaged with minimal support throughout. 

Skills developed

– Develops observation and prediction skills

– Introduces children to scientific concepts such as metamorphosis and life cycles 

– Develops scientific vocabulary