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24-Hour Number Line Clock


A hands-on teaching clock that lets children explore time and see for themselves how telling time on a clock is just like using a number line.


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Ages: 6 – 8 years

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A clock is just a circular number line. Once children understand this, learning to tell the time becomes easier. The innovative 24-Hour Number Line Clock teaching clock helps children learn time by physically transforming a number line onto a clock face.

Durable plastic teaching clock comprises a base, removable clock face number lines and removable hands (red for hours and blue for minutes).
From Learning Resources, the Number line clock faces comprise hour face numbered 1-12, hour face featuring both 12- and 24-hour numerals, and minute face numbered in five-minute intervals from 0-60.
To use, children physically convert the hour and minute number lines into a round clock face and place those on the clock base. This visual and physical representation of time helps them understand telling time.
Also available as a Magnetic Demonstration Set for teaching.
This innovative learning clock comes with a Getting Started activity guide and four activities.
Single student clock measures 12cm H x 11cm W.
Features multilingual packaging and guide.

Additional information

Weight 0.114 kg
Dimensions 127 × 114 × 30 mm

What our testers said

“This bit is good, it has numbers to help me.” – Girl aged 5

“This is really easy to tell the time.” – Girl aged 9

What our experts think

This 24-hour clock is a great way of helping children to develop their understanding and confidence when telling the time, as they count the numbers along a line and then see them overlaid on the clock. This works particularly well for the 24-hour clock as it makes the basics clear – i.e. 60 minutes in one hour and 24 hours in one day.

Our testers liked that the hours and minutes sections could be removed which made it easier to break down the different steps and explain them. The clock hands may be a little tricky for younger ones to move by themselves, so our testers found it better used with adult assistance.

Skills developed

– Helps develop understanding of telling the time

– Encourages counting and numeracy skills

– Builds confidence