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Children’s World Map 3D Puzzle


A bright and educational puzzle globe to build and display.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 6+ years

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This world globe from Ravensburger, is a great way to introduce your child to world geography. The design also shows different animals in the continents where they live. 180 piece 3D Globe puzzle jigsaws are crafted with premium quality and when completed are 20cm in diameter. Great 3D globes for Children 6 years old and up. This puzzle uses unique plastic pieces, which slot together to build a sturdy and strong model.

No glue required! Either assemble by eye or using the numbers on the reverse side. Positively Puzzling – From fun family times together to long term health benefits and day-to-day mindful moments, there are so many positives about the humble Jigsaw! They make a great birthday gift or smashing Christmas gift. 

Additional information

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 265 × 265 × 83 mm

What our testers said

“If we separate all the numbers, that will make it easier to build.” – Boy aged 9

“You can see where the different animals live.” – Girl aged 8

What our experts think

Building this 3D world puzzle is a great way to engage children in geography, while challenging their problem-solving and visual awareness. Although the children needed to be shown how to approach the building of the puzzle at first, they got the hang of it straight away. 

Constructing a 3D shape challenges children to use their logical planning and spatial skills, as they use their knowledge to visualise how the finished shape will look. We found it ideal for encouraging children to work together to complete a task, requiring cooperation and communication. It was lovely to see them getting curious and having discussions about the different countries and animals that live there too. 

Skills developed

– Encourages interest in geography 

– Develops logical thinking

– Promotes cooperation and communication