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Quirk! is the fantastic, laugh-out-loud family card game.


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Ages: 3 – 8 Years

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Quirk! is a funny set collection card game that has you making sounds, actions and mischief with the whole family. Squawk like a parrot, dance like a robot and breath fire like a dragon to become the quirkest of them all!

Quirk! by Gibsons is the brand new deluxe edition of the original best selling card game Quirk! including 112 cards.

The card game contains 2 decks of exciting, silly and bizarre characters to act out for an easy and hard mode of game-play. Easy to pick up and play for younger and older players. Then mix and match your own characters for even more game-play variety.

You could be an elephant, sloth, superhero, cat, llama or unicorn. It’s time to bring your silliest face and claim your Quirks! but beware as they might not stay yours for long if mischief has its way! Act, steal, block & skip your way to glory.

2-6 players, 15 – 30 mins game-play or up to 1 hour with both decks. Quirk! is a game you can play anywhere, full of family friendly fun and lots of laughs.

Additional information

Weight 0.265 kg
Dimensions 335 × 260 × 270 mm

What our testers said

“I’m going to take your cards with my steal card” – Boy aged 8 

“Do you have a …… (Girl starts hopping)?” – Girl aged 10

What our experts think

This family game is a lovely way to develop turn-taking through drama and acting. Our testers particularly enjoyed doing the different actions and noises, which resulted in much hilarity! We really liked the illustrations on the cards, they were vibrant and appealed to our testers.

We found the game great for building children’s social and communication skills as they took turns. It also allows them to develop listening skills as they are required to watch others act out the character on their card. The game has an element of strategy which is great for developing children’s logical thinking skills, as they need to think through what card they are playing.

Skills developed

– Encourages turn-taking

– Encourages role play of different characters

– Develops strategic thinking