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Cortex Challenge Plus


Go head-to-head with your competition in nine different challenges that test your speed, thinking, and memory skills. Summon all your brainpower for this speed-solving game!



Skill Development:

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Age: 8+

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More brain-busting puzzles!

All players compete against each other using the nine different tests that exercise different brain functions. The first to win 4 brain pieces and complete their brain jigsaw is the winner.

You will have a stack of cards in the middle, then each player will have 30 seconds to look at and touch the sensory cards.

Then the game begins, and the first player turns over the top card to reveal the challenge. When they think they know the answer, they immediately put their hand over the card. Then give their answer – while their hand is still over the card.

If correct, they win that card, if they answer wrong then they may not participate in the next challenge. To win a brain piece, players must gain two challenge cards of the same type.

There are nine different tests;

Reflection, Arithmetic, Occurrence, Gear Wheel, Rock-paper-scissors, Colour, Missing, Order, Touch Challenge.

What our testers said

“This is challenging but I like it!” – Boy aged 13.

“I love the arithmetic test, I like working out the answer before everyone, no one can beat me!’” – Boy aged 10.

What our experts think

Cortex Challenge is an amazing family game, really motivating to play, and great fun for children and adults alike. Our testers really enjoyed playing the game together and said they would play it regularly! There’s fabulous variety too, thanks to the range of brain-teasing challenges. We particularly like the tactile cards that support multisensory learning, as children are encouraged to visualise the shapes they can feel on the cards. We loved that the packaging is really compact, which is ideal for storing or taking on holiday.


The game has a variety of challenges to test the whole family’s memory, reaction times, senses, logical thinking, and much more. The unique tactile challenge that requires players to touch and feel the cards can really challenge young minds, helping to build confidence. We found this is a really motivating game overall, which encourages children to keep playing and persevere even if they didn’t get the answer right the first time.


It might be helpful to have an adult explain the rules at the beginning as they are quite wordy. As there are a few types of cards to remember, it can be helpful to start with a few trial runs first, so everyone can get the hang of the tasks they’ll need to complete.

Skills developed

– Promotes logic, memory, and attention skills

– Encourages visual and tactile learning

– Helps build confidence and perseverance