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Croc Patience


Animal themed take on the popular classic card game


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age: 5+ years

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Croc Patience is a very simple clock patience card game for one player. Can you beat the croc to make the clock? Beautifully illustrated animal card game. Supplied in a sturdy tin making it perfect for carrying around in a handbag / manbag, for entertainment emergencies.

What our testers said

“The animals make the game fun” – Boy aged 8

“I love it! Can I play it again?” – Girl aged 8

What our experts think

A fun and engaging take on the popular card game. Animal themed, you must complete your clock before you find all the Crocodiles! Our testers really liked the theme of the card game and they found the simple rules easy to follow independently once shown. Some of the younger testers would have liked there to be more Crocodile cards to give them a higher chance of winning but this didn’t stop our older testers who were happy to persevere and play again and again trying to beat the clock. Croc patience assists with children learning to tell time as the game is set out like a clock face. It promotes number recognition, develops concentration and encourages patience and perseverance.

Skills developed

– Assists with learning to tell the time

– Promotes number recognition

– Encourages patience and perseverance

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