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MAGNA-TILES® Downhill Duo 40-Piece set


Buckle up and let kids take the driver’s seat with the MAGNA-TILES® Downhill Duo 40-Piece set, transforming their builds into an imaginative adventures


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Unleash the thrill of creativity with the MAGNA-TILES® Downhill Duo 40-Piece Set — where building meets adventure in a downhill dash of magnetic excitement! Buckle up, young engineers, as the driver’s seat is yours to explore the endless possibilities of imaginative play.

Race to the Bottom: Transform your MAGNA-TILES® creation into an exhilarating downhill escapade with the Downhill Duo Set. Ready, set, go as little ones construct mega ramps, side-by-side racing tracks, or rolling hills with versatile Ramps, Roads, Dashers, and Figures. The race is on, and the only limit is their imagination!

Magnetic Magic: Experience a new level of play with the first-ever fully-magnetic Figures, Dashers, Ramps, and Roads. Watch as magnetic arms, feet, and heads of the Figures interact seamlessly with your existing MAGNA-TILES®, bringing a whole new dimension to the magnetic world of fun.

Versatile Building Options: Designed for frustration-free play and adventure, the age-appropriate pieces offer a wide array of building options. From constructing intricate mega ramps to setting up thrilling races, the possibilities are as vast as your child’s imagination. Let them explore, create, and learn through play.

STEAM Learning in Action: More than just play, the Downhill Duo Set supports STEAM learning, inspiring young minds to build motor skills, exercise creativity, and embrace the world of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. It’s education wrapped in the excitement of downhill adventures!

Kid-Powered Dashers: The specially designed Dashers empower young racers with kid-powered fun. Their wheels ride smoothly on the outside of tiles, ensuring frustration-free play, while a small brake on the bottom lets kids regulate speed, adding an extra layer of control to their thrilling downhill journeys.

Join the MAGNA-TILES® Downhill Duo adventure — where every click, connect, and creation sparks joy, imagination, and developmental growth. It’s not just a toy; it’s a journey of exploration, learning, and endless smiles. Let the downhill fun begin!


What our testers said

“I’m going to build it super high, so it goes super fast!” – Boy aged 6

“I love these guys! I am purple and you can be green!” – Girl aged 5


What our experts think

Our testers liked playing with the MAGNA-TILES® Downhill Duo 40-Piece Set with its new “dasher vehicles” and figures included in this set designed for them to create raceways and tracks. Combining this set with the MAGNA-TILES® Builder 32-Piece set and/or the Metropolis set is ideal. The tiles connect magnetically to build an imaginative dueling racetrack or raceway with changing levels. Children liked connecting the pieces to create structures and their own imaginative challenges.

For parents with younger pre-school aged children, it is recommended to play with them to encourage practicing and honing the fine motor and timing skills necessary to align the “dasher” cars just right for a successful race. When they achieve this, their excitement is infectious. The MAGNA-TILES® Downhill Duo 40-Piece Set supports development of fine motor/perceptual skills, logical thinking, and imagination.

Skills developed

– Develops fine motor/perceptual skills

– Encourages communication for cooperative and imaginative play

– Promotes problem solving and logical thinking

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