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Dr Zigs Bubble Kits


Ethical and sustainable Bubble blowing kits with a difference.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Dive into a world of bubbly wonder with Dr Zigs Bubble Kits — where fun meets learning, and every bubble tells a story of Eco-friendly play! Crafted from sustainably-sourced materials, our kits are designed to unleash joy and spark curiosity in every child.

🌸 Bubble Pollinator Kit Introducing the Dr Zigs Bubble Pollinator Kit — where play meets pollination education! Let your little ones explore the magical world of pollination by collecting pollen with a wooden paintbrush and storing it in a bamboo cup. Mix the pollen with our plant-based Bubble Solution and use the bamboo straw to blow a stream of bubbles, turning playtime into a science adventure!

❄️ Frozen Bubble Kit Create enchanting frozen bubbles and watch crystalline magic unfold with the Dr Zigs Frozen Bubble Kit! Perfect for indoors (in your freezer) or outdoor play, this kit brings the joy of winter to life. A fantastic Christmas gift that turns chilly days into a sparkling bubble spectacle.

🌈 Mini Bubble Kit Take the bubble party everywhere with the Dr Zigs Mini Kit! Not just about giant bubbles, this Eco-friendly kit lets your child create loads of tiny bubbles with bamboo and cotton mini wands — no single-use plastics in sight. Compact, Eco-conscious, and perfect for on-the-go bubbly fun.

🎈 Giant Bubble Kit Our starter toy, the Giant Bubble Kit, is your gateway to the world of colossal bubbles! Packed with 100ml of 10x concentrate Bubble Mix, FSC-approved wooden bubble wands, and a 100% untreated cotton rope, it’s everything you need for giant bubble-making adventures. Unleash the bubble magic and let the playtime memories begin!

Dr Zigs Bubble Kits — where every bubble holds a lesson, and playtime becomes an exploration. Join us in creating moments of joy, laughter, and discovery with our Eco-conscious, play-inspired bubble wonders. Because learning is best when it’s bubbling with fun!

What our testers said

“Get that bubble quick, It’s behind you!” – Boy aged 3

“They are so easy to do. Not like normal bubbles” – Boy aged 10

What our experts think

As bubble sets go, these are pretty epic. Not just made using sustainable ethically sourced ingredients and eco friendly packaging but innovative and original too. The Bubble pollinator kit is genius, our testers absolutely loved the idea of having the bubbles the children play with actually pollinate flowers too! Incredibly educational for children interested in learning about the environment. The Frozen bubble kit means bubble fun isn’t just for summer days in the garden. Although they can be used in the freezer our tester decided to leave her bubble creation outside overnight and was amazed by the pretty patterns created as the bubble froze.

All of the testers said the bubble mixture worked very well and the children had lots of fun learning how to make big or small bubbles, and of course popping them! These bubble kits help to develop hand eye coordination and both fine and gross motor skills in younger children, they are an introduction into science with the mixture, freezing and also the pollination.

Skills developed

– Develops hand eye coordination

– Encourages fine and gross motor skills

– Inspires early science knowledge

Eco credentials

Leaf Icon Plant-based Bubble Mix

Leaf Icon FSC- Approved wood

Leaf Icon The boxes are made from recycled and FSC paper