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Dress Up Nelly


Dress Up Nelly in matching outfits in this fun, first colour matching game, perfect for younger players.


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age: 2-5 years

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Use the friendly elephants to learn about colours as you dress them in their different outfits! Dress Up Nelly can be played as a fun and simple activity to introduce children to colours, by placing all the cards face up and matching or mis-matching their head, body and legs.

Dress Up Nelly can also be played as a game. Players take two elephant head cards and in-turn try to match the same-coloured clothing to one of their elephants. Players continue taking turns to pick up cards until they have completed both of their elephants with matching head, body and leg cards.

The winner is the first person to dress both of their Nellys! Want to keep playing? Try the longer game by matching all of Nellys outfits!

What our testers said

“This elephant is a football ballerina.” Boy aged 4.

“That one’s going in the snow.” Girl aged 3.5.

What our experts think

Dress Up Nelly is an eye-catching pairing game that makes learning colours fun and enjoyable for children. Our testers actually found that the children genuinely enjoyed taking part in the game more than winning! This game features an animal theme, and it is quick and easy for parents and children to pick up.

This game encourages children to practise concentration, memory skills, and turn-taking. We also found that it encourages language learning as children will pick up quite a few words to describe colours and some other features of the animal characters in the game.

Skills developed

– Promotes turn-taking

– Promotes matching skills & colour recognition

– Encourages concentration