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A variety of engaging games to help children learn in a fun and interactive way

Ease of Use:
Age: 4-8 years

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Introducing EDURINO, an engaging series of digital learning games tailored for children aged 4-8, offering a purposeful screen time experience. Paired with the vibrant EDURINO character figurines, an app, and an ergonomic stylus for perfect pen grip, children gain the key to unlocking a world of educational exploration.

Key Features:

  • Developed by teachers, the app hosts a range of learning games.
  • Robust parental controls ensure a secure environment.
  • No in-app purchases and ad-free, guaranteeing a safe digital space.

In “Asa – Plant & Wildlife,” children can:

  • Discover animals in their natural habitats, learning fascinating facts.
  • Explore sustainability and recycling to enhance understanding of our natural world.
  • Investigate eco-systems and their crucial role in nature.
  • Uncover the life cycle of plants and vegetables through interactive play.

In “Yuki – Creativity & Design,” children can:

  • Embark on a creative journey in the artists’ quarter with Yuki.
  • Explore colour and drawing techniques, understanding how colours are composed through mixing.
  • Strengthen fine motor skills in creative dynamic line games.
  • Visit the tailor’s studio to design clothing and costumes.
  • Encourage creativity by selecting from playful patterns and fabrics.
  • Explore imaginative techniques while crafting characters.
  • Guided by Tinky, the inventor, unleash creativity beyond painting.
  • Gather craft materials and explore inventive techniques in experimentation and design.
  • Craft rockets, props for plays, and statues for the artists’ district.

In “Ari – My Body Parts” children can:

  • Learn names and functions of body parts, celebrating diversity.
  • Explore the 5 senses and their role in daily life.
  • Embrace dental and bodily hygiene concepts for overall health.
  • Engage in enriching games promoting healthy choices.

EDURINO: Nurturing young minds through play and learning. Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

What our testers said

“This is fun” – Girl aged 5

“There are enough facts to be interesting for the children, but not too much information that they got bored and switched off.” – Parent of 5 year old


What our experts think

The three sets include dozens of fun games that engaged our testers straightaway. They enjoyed starting off by personalising their avatars and were able to add accessories or change features as they progressed through the game levels. As the children played, they were given words of encouragement from the on screen characters who were always on hand to help if the children got stuck. The spoken and visual instructions given at the start of each game were clear and the children had few issues understanding what to do.

There is a pen included with each set that can be used to play the games (although you can play without it) which is also great for supporting fine motor and handwriting skills. The sets are educational and teach children about various subjects; ‘Creativity & Design’ encourages children to use their imaginations and design skills, ‘Plants & Wildlife’ teaches children about animals, life cycles of plants, and conveys important messages about being environmentally conscious, while ‘My Body Parts’ not only teaches them to understand their body, senses, and hygiene, but also strongly conveys messages about diversity and self-advocacy, and prompted lots of parent – child discussions. Our testers were very positive about the games, especially those aged between 4 and 6, and returned to play with them over and over.

Skills developed

– Support fine motor and handwriting skills 

– Encourages trial and error learning 

– Teaches an understanding of how the world works 

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