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Hands Up!


Reaction card game where you need to be the best security guard and catch the thief in the act!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 7+ years

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Thieves have made their way into the museum and are attempting to steal the precious diamonds! As a museum security guard, your mission is to catch the thieves and stop them from stealing the diamonds. You will need to be careful to avoid triggering a false alarm! Collect the most cards to become the best security guard.

What our testers said

“This game makes me feel like a thief!” – Girl aged 9

“To win this game you have to be fast!” – Boy aged 9

What our experts think

This is a reaction speed card game where you compete to be the best security guard. Lots of twists and turns along the way make this game a fun, fast paced contest where only the quickest thinkers prosper. Our testers said the instructions supplied were clear and easy to follow and the children themselves were mostly able to do this without help. They loved the fast paced nature of the game and found it exciting. The hands up game develops reaction speed and perception speed. It promotes use of your working memory and encourages problem solving skills. It also practises turn taking.

Skills developed

– Improves perception and reaction speed

– Develops working memory

– Promotes turn taking

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