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Rat-a-Tat Cat


A fun, maths based card game for all the family

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6+ years

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Get rid of the rats and go for the cats!

The aim is to get rid of high cards and go for the low cards. Sneak a peak, draw two, and even peak at opponents’ cards. Knock on the table and shout “Rat-a-Tat Cat” when you think you have the lowest score.

A fun numbers game with cats, and a few rats!

What our testers said

“Amazing and super fun for kids” – Girl aged 6

“So we have to get the cats, not the rats” – Girl aged 12

What our experts think

A simple, fun card game for all the family that gets children thinking numbers. Lots of sneaky double crossing and bluffing means a poker face is advised! Our testers really enjoyed this game from 6 year olds to adults. They found the instructions easy to follow and loved the fact there is an option to simplify the rules for younger players. They said the length of the game is perfect for holding the attention of younger players and is a great way to practise maths in a fun way.

This product can be enjoyed time and time again which contributes to an excellent standard of repeat play value for children to enjoy over countless occasions. Rat-a-Tat Cat develops basic mathematical skills, introduces children to the concept of probability and improves memory. It also inspires strategical thinking and encourages turn taking and concentration.

Skills developed

– Develops basic maths skills

– Improves Memory

– Inspires strategical thinking

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