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Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus


The Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus is a fun and educational school readiness game for preschoolers. It challenges children to match, sort, and sequence various shapes, colours, and objects.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Make Learning Magical!

This captivating game helps children develop observation and memory skills through play. Start by observing the objects in their locations. Then, as players cover their eyes with masks, spin the spinner and either add or remove objects. After saying, “Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus,” players take off their masks and guess which objects were added or removed to win them. The first player to collect five objects wins the game.

Key Features:

  • Enhances Observation: Boosts attention to detail by encouraging children to remember object placements.
  • Memory Development: Strengthens memory skills through engaging gameplay.
  • Fun for All Ages: Simple rules make it suitable for a variety of age groups.

Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide, this game is perfect for family game nights, classroom activities, or playdates. It makes learning fun and magical, helping children improve essential skills while enjoying themselves.

What our testers said

“Buzzy bee” – Girl, aged 3

“Oh so this one is I get to choose whether to add an object or take one away” – Boy, aged 7

What our experts think

The game proved popular with children over 7 years old, with several children aged 10 reluctant to stop playing (in fact they took the basic game and added their own rules to extend play further). For younger children  (preschool aged) they needed adult help all the way through but that didn’t stop them enjoying the game.  Adult testers reported that it was difficult for children aged 3 to remember more than 4 objects, so the game was tailored to include fewer objects. 

The game is an excellent tool for developing children’s memory skills and attention to detail, with a high level of replayability. It also supports children in developing social skills, as they must take turns and demonstrate good sportsmanship. The children continued playing until a winner emerged, showcasing extended levels of concentration and perseverance, even when the game was challenging or required adult support.


Skills developed

Encourages collaboration, yet also healthy competition

– Develops memory skills

– Promotes focus and concentration