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Hot Wires


A fantastic electronic set where children can make anything.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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Hot Wires is the ultimate in snap-together electronics. Build anything from a flying disc to a burglar alarm and check who’s trying to sneak into your bedroom. There’s a voice recorder, an FM radio with automatic station selection or even a lie detector, and that’s just for starters – there are over 100 experiments to try!

What our testers said

“That’s a resistor, I knew that because I made a house that lit up.” Girl aged 9

“Yes I did it, the light bulb lights up.” Boy aged 8

What our experts think

The Hot Wires science set has hit the top score all around! Children thoroughly enjoyed creating working circuits and it’s great that they have the freedom to try out their own too.

The instruction booklet has simple to follow diagrams and the components are easy to connect and disconnect to create and recreate various circuits. The experiments in the book get progressively harder allowing children to develop their knowledge and build their confidence – and with over 100 different experiments to try, the set can keep children’s interest for a long time.

Hot Wires is perfect for supporting children’s learning at school with scientific symbols on each component so they can draw out the circuit once made. We can’t recommend this more highly!

Skills developed

– Teaches children about electricity and circuits

– Allows children to experiment with circuit components

– Pieces have scientific symbols to support learning

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