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Kidoozie B*Active Dual Rocket Launcher


Dual Rocket Launcher is a multi-foam rocket launch controlled by jumping on pressure activated pumps to launch rockets over 65 feet high into the air.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Set, Launch, Catch: The Dual Rocket Launcher is perfect for outdoor fun and excitement. Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide, this toy comes with everything needed for high-flying adventures.

Key features:

Includes 6 foam rockets
Pressure-activated pump for launching
Rockets can soar over 65 feet high
Easy to assemble base
Two adjustable angle launchers
Simply jump on the pump to send the rockets skyward. The adjustable launchers allow for varied angles and trajectories, adding to the fun and challenge. This engaging toy encourages active play and outdoor exploration, making it a great choice for energetic kids.

What our testers said

“If you want them to go high, make them go straight.” – Boy aged 8

“Mine went higher!” – Girl aged 5

What our experts think

The children really enjoyed playing with the Dual Rocket Launchers, especially within large groups because it allowed them to make-up games, race one another, and work collaboratively together. Across several outdoor observational sessions, outside children joined in to play with the rockets because of their appeal.

As children played with the rockets, they built on their skills and understanding of the Rocket Launchers as they figured out ways to make the rockets go higher, lower, farther in a specific direction, and so forth. Set-up of the product was fairly simple for parents of younger children, and even easy for older-aged children (8+ years old.) Many parents and children commented about how fun the Dual Rocket Launchers were, with several mentioning this would be a great toy for a birthday party or children’s event, as it is engaging, interactive, and promotes collaboration, competition, and coordination. 

Skills developed

–  Encourages collaboration, yet also healthy competition

– Develops gross motor development

– Allows children to apply and extend knowledge through trial-and-error