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Kinetic Sand the Original Mouldable Sensory Play Sand


Squeezable, mouldable sand that doesn’t dry up

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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This 2-pound resealable bag of Kinetic Sand is the perfect arts and crafts activity gift for kids ages 3 and up, especially those who enjoy sensory toys and as an alternative to modeling clay or slime kits Stretch it, slice it, squeeze it or mould it into incredible sand art. No matter how you use it, sensory sand provides hours of tactile fun.

What our testers said

“He never gets bored playing with it” – Aunt of a boy aged 5

“The Digger has to clear all the sand first” –  Boy aged 5


What our experts think

Kinetic Sand is squeezable, mouldable sand that is just mesmerizing to play with. It never dries up so children are able to create again and again. The possibilities are endless. Our testers enjoyed incorporating the Kinetic Sand into their games such as filling up their toy diggers with it and letting it tip out. They also enjoyed the sensory benefits of the product as they said even without using it to build, the children enjoyed just playing with it and letting it fall through their hands. Kinetic Sand encourages development of fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. It promotes creativity and introduces early science concepts. It has endless learning possibilities depending on how it is used and is a great resource to have in any home or education setting. This product can be enjoyed time and time again which contributes to an excellent standard of repeat play value for children to enjoy over countless occasions.

Skills developed

– Develops fine motor skills

– Introduces early science concepts

– Promotes creativity

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