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Build the most impressive kingdom and become the king of dominoes!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 7+ years

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Match tiles, claim crowns and expand your land to build the most impressive kingdom in this majestic twist on a popular classic! If you like dominos, you’ll love Kingdomino!

You play as a resourceful king seeking new lands to expand your kingdom. But be careful: other kings may want to claim the same terrain…

Choose your dominos wisely and match them in a grid. You’ll need to collect crowns to score! Watch as your kingdom grows into a 5 x 5 grid – will you be crowned winner?

You’ll grow your kingdom by connecting tiles that match at least one terrain type. When it comes to scoring, you multiply the number of matching terrain squares by the number of crowns in that area. Highest total wins!

Kingdomino reinforces focus and attention, maths and visual perception skills. There are additional rules for added challenges, including a 2-player variant. There are two expansions available for Kingdomino: Kingdomino Age of Giants and Kingdomino Court print and play.

Additional information

Weight 0.63 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 50 mm

What our testers said

“This is so cool, look I have a dragon and a goldmine” Boy aged 8

“I won, let’s play again” Girl aged 7

What our experts think

This twist on the traditional game of Dominoes encourages children to use strategy and numeracy skills to win the game. Our testers were keen to play and particularly enjoyed the tiles with pictures of dragons and sea creatures. 

Our younger testers needed a little assistance at times with the strategy to get points, but we found that the game was great for helping them learn these tactics. We particularly liked that the children were required to practice their addition and multiplication when scoring. The shorter gameplay was also great for keeping children engaged who otherwise might get bored in a longer board game setting.

Skills developed

– Develops strategy and logical thinking skills 

– Encourages turn taking

– Improves numeracy skills