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Let’s Learn Carousel


Spin and match to play the games, a two in one matching game that promotes logical thinking.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 5+ years

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A matching game with a real spin! Each player spins the levels on the carousel to form the picture on their token, but without letting the other players know what they are trying to do! This game is full of colourful characters, but you can turn the levels of the carousel to reveal a different game board.

A different kind of matching game.
The carousel levels are double-sided and offer double the fun!
Promotes early cognitive skills!

What our testers said

“This game is actually really fun” – Girl aged 8

“It’s good because you can play two games” – Boy aged 7

What our experts think

Our toy testers enjoyed the bonus element of two games in one! This game is great for various ages. The people matching is great for younger little ones and the extra challenge of the ice cream carousel engages older kids well.
This game helps to develop children’s logical thinking as they have to make sure they match the right parts of the picture cards to look the same on the carousel game board.
Children need to take turns which promotes sharing and social awareness while trying to win the most tokens to win the game. This game is also great for developing concentration and enhancing fine motor skills as they need to spin the game carefully to make it move.
A fun original family game to play together.

Skills developed

– Develops logical thinking methods and decision making

– Promotes sharing and turn taking

– Enhances fine motor skills

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