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Lipa Wizards: Magic Duel


Lipa Wizards is a two player tournament game which sets players off on a spell-bounding adventure in order to sharpen focus and strategise in order to win!
Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 4+ years

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Enter a two-player tournament in the mystical land of Wizards, where everything’s a battle of wits: cast spells and capture the enchanted Nogs by using strategy, prediction, and focus!

  • Choose your favorite character from a cast of 7 unique wizards
  • Enter in a fun two-player magic duel with friends or family
  • Examine the Nogs and be the first to capture the match
  • Use special hidden tricks to cast spells on your opponent
  • Build a winning strategy and become the Wittiest Wizard in the Wood!

Take your wand and let the training begin!

What our testers said

“Yes! I Got it!” – Boy aged 4

“Ooh that’s good isn’t it.” (using enchantments) – Boy aged 4

What our experts think

It’s great to see an app that gets children playing together – particularly at this age, learning social skills (like talking to each other, and winning or losing) are really important. The game is quite challenging, as the pictures children are matching are actually upside down. This helps them learn to mentally rotate, compare and match pictures.

Children can also use enchantments to make the game easier for themselves or more difficult for their opponent. This helps them learn to use strategy in order to win.

Skills developed

– Encourages social skills

– Helps practise comparison skills

– Can develop strategic thinking

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